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Alan Wake v. (2012)

Alan Wake v. (201)


Alan Wake v. (2012) | 5.88 Gb
Year: 2012 | Eng Rus | Developer: Remedy Entertainment | Publisher: Microsoft  
Genre: Action (Survival horror) / 3D / 3rd Person

A psychological thriller Alan Wake, created by the authors Novels Max Payne, immerses players in a world where nightmares come to life the most terrible and secret fears. Unexpected plot twists await at every turn - the game captures and keeps in suspense from first to last frame.

The protagonist of the game - the writer, Alan Wake, a recognized master of thrillers, is going through a creative crisis. In search of inspiration, he sent along with the bride in the quiet town of Bright Falls. However, there is the beloved Alan mysteriously disappears, and begins a series of chilling nightmares. Reality and fantasy are mixed, and to survive, Alan will have to use all means available. And his most powerful ally in the fight against darkness becomes light.

"This psychological thriller. Fascinating story of Alan Wake is told in the best tradition of cinema: an oppressive atmosphere, shocking plot twists, colorful characters - will be really scary, but at the same time, it is impossible to look up from the screen.
"Shine always shines everywhere. As Alan is sinking deeper into the mystery of Bright Falls, the shadows are gathering around him. When darkness comes, the main ally becoming light. Enemies draw strength from the shadows, but are afraid of light. To survive, it is necessary to use not only conventional weapons, but any light source.
"Throughout life. In the world around Alan Wake - an incredibly realistic. Changing weather and time of day affects both the hero and his enemies. With the advanced technology used in the game, almost everything, from trees in the forest and ending with quiet streets and neat houses a small town, it looks believable and natural.
"Episodic narrative. Game is divided into" mission "that makes her look like a TV series like" Twin Peaks "or" The X-Files. " As events unfold in the game there are new elements and characters, and the severity and intensity of action is inexorably rising.

Features repack:

Do not recoded
Cut: Other localization
Installation time ~ 15 minutes
RePacked by [RG Catalyst]

DVD 1: autorun.inf; icon.ico; The Alan Wake Files.pdf; alan.wake.nfo; setup.exe; data-1.1.bin; data-1.3.bin; data-2.1.bin; data-2.2. bin
DVD 2: autorun.inf; icon.ico; data-1.2.bin; Redist \ *

√ Operating system: Windows XP / Seven
√ Processor: Intel Dual Core 2 GHz / AMD 2.8 GHz
√ RAM: 2 GB
√ Video: 512 MB ​​of video memory and DirectX 10 support
√ Sound Card: DirectX 9.0c compatible
√ Free hard drive space: 7.09 GB


Alan Wake v. (2012)


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